About us


my name is Magdalena Schuele and I'm the designer, founder and creator of Marveca beachwear. 

Let me tell you here a bit more about who's behind Marveca....

How it all started

It all began 2014 when i went on a journey threw Central America. In Costa Rica I fell in love with the beautiful nature, the ocean, surfing and of course my adorable surf instructor, but my trip ended and I had to go back to Germany. Back home I had trouble finding my way back to my everyday work routine, the rush and big city life just didn't feel right anymore. My thoughts kept drifting back to the 'Pura Vida' lifestyle and this small paradise Costa Rica. 7 month after my first visit in Costa Rica, I sold my belongings, packet a suitcase, shipped my sewing machines across the atlantic ocean and jumped into the blue, not knowing what comes next...

Sewing is my life long passion, i started at the age of 5 with my grandma, at school i made the costumes for drama class and with 16 i started a 3 year apprenticeship to become a seamstress, followed by a fashion design study at the fashion school Stuttgart. My life long dream was always to have my own clothing label one day and Costa Rica seemed the perfect place to make my dream finally come true.

After getting married with my surf instructor and adopting 2 dogs, I started to make beach clothes. After a while, when people started to notice I make cloth, everyone kept asking me about that surf bikini that I once made when i was out of bikinis. I started a research and recognized, it was pretty hard to find a good quality and still cute designed bikini that would stay on in heavy waves, so the idea of creating a bikini label was born and i finally found a way, to make a living as a foreigner in Costa Rica. A year later I opened my first shop in Jaco which has moved 3 times already and grown bigger and bigger. By now I also design all fabric patterns myself, by first hand drawing them an then converting on the computer into a pattern.

With my bikinis i want to give you back a little piece of the paradise I found in Costa Rica.They are handmade with passion, love and and the faith, that what ever you want in your life, if you work hard for it, you will get it.

With growing the business, i couldn't do everything by myself anymore, so I found these 3 lovely ladies to help me in the shop and with the bikini production


What makes Marveca bikinis different

As a girl i know the 3 big issues, we always have trying to find the perfect bikini, I've created a brand that has the solution for all these issues. 

 First: We hate it, when we see someone wearing the same bikini that we already have!

I give you the opportunity to create something unique in your very own style, by picking for every bikini design your most loved exclusive hand painted fabric print and mixing the designs

 Second: You finally found a design you love, but your size is sold out, not true to size or only sold as a set, but many women have a different size for top and bottom...

Here you can send me your measurements and we will make a bikini just for you, so your bikini will always fit like a second skin. We offer a variety of styles from small to large cup size and how much butt you want to show, all styles are available in thong, cheeky, moderate and full coverage. Also all bikinis are sold as seperates, so you can choose the size you need for chest and bum.

Third: The bikini has wire that irritates your skin, straps that hurt in your neck, doesn't give enough support or it just won't stay in place

All Marveca designs are made for surfing, so I created designs that are comfortable, adjustable and wont fall off in the water. The support comes from flexible elastic bands and no wires, the straps always tie in a way that the weight of your chest gets dispersed on multiple points of your body. A friend of mine calls it the "German engineering" that makes the bikinis so comfortable. 


The name Marveca

My Family was always having a hard time finding a good name for something they love. When I was born, it took my parents 3 days till they decided for a name. There was even a article in the newspaper that said "girl without name is born".They decided then after 3 days, to call me Magdalena Venise Carmen. That's only my first name.

It took me about 2 weeks thinking and brainstorming for a name and one morning, I had just learned a new Spanish word which was "mar" and means ocean and there it was. The name for my label, a combination of my three first names and my favorite place in the world the ocean should be a good name for my company, so there it was Marveca. 


Why buying handmade is better

 Because its good for the environment

Every Marveca bikini is hand cut, piece by piece. We only produce what you ordered, so there is minimal waste. With the little leftover we have, we stock up our shop in Jaco, or make little patchwork bags, which we use to ship your bikini in.

We produce our exclusive prints with a company that uses eco-friendly printers which are eliminating energy and water consuming steps, _and use 100% _biodegradable inks. Our sewing machines save 70% more energy than usual industrial machines


Because its better for the people

Mass production means bulk buying and this forces the lowering of prices down the line which is only possible by producing in countries were people live under the poverty line and were a seamstress gets paid less than a dollar per hour.

I care about people and the environment. I was lucky and I'm really thankful to be born in a well educated country were everyone can go to school and has access to medical service, but not everyone is that lucky! So i gave the good sewing skills that i learned in my country, to the two Nicaraguan girls that are helping me now with the Bikini production, with their  salary, they can help their families and send their kids to school.


Because it makes you feel good about your purchases

You support a local business that is not only about making profit. Every time a new order comes in I start a little happy dance and you just make my day.  A handmade piece is always something special and you will love it and take care at it as twice as much, as for something that you grabbed from a rack in a big clothing store. It may takes a little longer till you have it, but its something that has a soul and is made with love and passion.


Because it can meet you needs better

You tell us what you want, we are always open for little adjustments on your swimsuit. You can mix and match fabrics and designs, choose the style that's right for you and the coverage that's right for your butt. Create something really unique that is made only and especially for you!


Thank you for buying handmade!

Pura Vida