Finding the right size for your swimsuit can be tricky, here we want to help you finding the perfect size for your swimsuit. This sizing chart should give you a little orientation. Our suits are pretty true to size, but likely to be a bit smaller. We have our own patterns and created a sizing chart that fits to those patterns. You can also always send us your measures and we'll make the suit right in your measures.

How to take your Measures

To take your measures right, stand tall and relaxed. Measure on the widest part of your chest, the measure tape should not be as tight that it cuts in your skin, neither as loose that it falls off.

Then we need the measurement from right under your chest, this time breathe out and pull the tape as tight as possible.

For a onepiece we also need your measures from the waist, measure the smallest part on your waist.

Take the hip measures were your bottom should sit, again not too tight and not to loose, just that is feels comfortable.

Our Onepieces are made for an average women height of 165cm if you're more than 5cm taller or smaller than this, you should also give us the measures of your body height.